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adj. describing something with qualities not unlife that of a vagina; being feminine in quality while being supremely fantastic; powerful and sexy
Freida was a totally vagtastic film.
by Meghan April 14, 2005
Posessing the wonderfullness of a vagina... shaven or otherwise....
If its not vagtastic its not worth tapping
by Brett Dong May 07, 2008
Used when something is as good as vagina (or pussy).
Man, that sandwich was vagtastic, I want some more.
by Mr. Dicktionary December 03, 2008
Something that is related to the getting or being of a pussy
Dude last night was vagtastic
by Anthraximous Maximous February 21, 2008
A sexual version of the word fantastic. Has connotations towards a vagina.
"Hey jonathon, your girlfriend is vagtastic"
by sexually frustrated August 30, 2008
When a girl has a nice vagina, it could be described as fantastic, or a combination: vag-tastic
Dude, I got laid with this totally hot chick last night.

Awesome! Was she vag-tastic?

Hell Yeah!
by mexachink June 28, 2011
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