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Vaginoplasty is any surgical procedure whose purpose is to treat vaginal structural defects, affect aesthetic considerations, or to partially or totally construct or reconstruct a vagina. This procedure is normally attributed with the violent damage caused by PPVA:
Vaginoplasty rejuvenates a woman's vagina, tightening muscles and repairing soft tissues damaged by PPVA:
by SatisfiedCustomer March 10, 2009
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1. A surgery where a neovagina is constructed by effectively turning the male genitalia inside out. This operation is considered by many to be the hallmark of a MTF sex change. In reality however, it is just a small part of the process that allows one to be tremendously more comfortable with their body and finally have straight up sex with their boyfriend or finally have real fun in bed with their girlfriend if they're transbian. It also helps a lot in keeping transsexual haters/transphobic people from calling them a guy in a dress.

2. A surgery done on people to construct them a neovagina because of natal absence of a vagina or because of a vaginectomy. The neovagina is usually made by grafting a section of the colon.
Person 1: Hey you know Jilian, my girlfriend? She just went to Trinidad, Colorado to get a vaginoplasty from Dr. Bowers.

Person 2: For the last time, Jilian, or whatever he wants to call himself is your boyfriend, not your girlfriend!!! He has a Penis!!! Oh and what's a vaginoplasty?

Person 1: An operation where they turn the penis into a vagina.

Person 2: Oh, well I guess I can't call you gay anymore; damn it!!!
by JsyBird December 13, 2008
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One day my favorite cock puppet's gully hole was, for some reason, made of illegitimate mexican immigrant children that had no feet. I tried raping her to death, but to no avail. It was like throwing a cocktail weanie in to an aquaduct. So I gave up. I made her see Dr. Kavorkian about getting her pussy put to sleep.
The vaginati encourages their elite to undergo vaginoplasty as it makes their feet smell like whitefish. :)
by Mister Fister March 02, 2005
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