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1) Treating someone differently, because of their gender identity or gender presentation.

2) Also, refusing to treat someone differently because of their gender identity or gender presentation.

3) Referring to a transgender person, or treating them, in any manner other than exactly what they would like you to.
A: "Check out that guy in the dress; what a fruit."
B: "Dude, don't be so transphobic."

C: "Hey, see that guy over there in the dress?"
B: "That's a girl."
C: "No, it's clearly a guy."
B: "She's wearing a dress, therefor you should refer to her as female."
C: "That doesn't make any sense."
B: "Dude, don't be so transphobic."

C: "Hey, whatever happened to John?"
B: "John got sexual reassignment surgery. Her new name is Guenevere McAwesome."
C: "That's moronic; I'm just going to keep calling him John."
B: "Dude, don't be so transphobic."
by Buki March 23, 2007
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What you are immediately labeled as if you speak any sense of reason in today's twisted world
Becky: Hey, don't you think it's a little weird John is in the women's bathroom with us? I don't really feel comfortable about this...

Sarah: WHAT THE HELL BECKY?!! How dare you be so insensitive?!! You're just a transphobic piece of shit and should just fuck off!
by General Ginger May 19, 2017
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