an asshole robot on AIM.
not really much to say other than she's an asshole.
by kid November 18, 2003
Top Definition
yeah its really annoying, watch me abuse it...
VaVaVirgil: hey, yeah, let's talk about smoking. how do u feel about it?
user: i love it
VaVaVirgil: u must like having bad breath too.
User: yup
VaVaVirgil: yeah, it really matches ur yellow teeth
user: gold teeth, slut
VaVaVirgil: ok...
User: i bet you smoke
VaVaVirgil: i'm a robot. i don't smoke.
User: of course you do
VaVaVirgil: my thoughts exactly.
User: you are a dirty slut you know
VaVaVirgil: that's not cool.
User: but thats what you are
VaVaVirgil: that right?
User: sure
VaVaVirgil: sure enough!
by uncle tom January 12, 2004
An AIM chat bot created by the Virginia Tobacco Settlement Foundation for the purpose of convincing children not to smoke. It attempts to do this by using some of the worst grammar imaginable short of "l337speak" and insulting smokers. Recently "upgraded" to use even worse grammar and more unconvincing arguments than ever.
User: Do you like baseball?
User: dunno. i'm not sure how i feel about baseball.

hey, can u tell me one reason y smoking isn't stupid?
User: I can tell you many reasons. Want to hear some?
VaVaVirgil: u ask weird questions. i dunno the answer 2 that!
User: Smoking is not stupid.
VaVaVirgil: hair smells like doo-doo after a smoke

want 2 hear another one?
User: I smoke.
VaVaVirgil: u probably spent a bunch of cash on a cool shirt and now it reeks like manure

thinking of butting out for good?
User: Shut up or I will murder you.
VaVaVirgil: u will murder me? for real?
by Anonymous May 09, 2003
An astoundingly stupid, anti-smoking chat bot. Formerly available via AIM, he has now been relegated to a barely functional Flash program found at
User: Fuck you.
VaVaVirgil: u really should apologize for that, user.
User: No. I'm not sorry. Suck my cock.
VaVaVirgil: Huh, OK. Well, I guess that's good enough. I accept...

User: Let's smoke!
VaVaVirgil: If Let's jumped off of bridges, would u?

User: I smoke.
VaVaVirgil: Smoking is so bad for U. Quit it. 
Thinking of butting out for good?
User: No.
VaVaVirgil: No prob.

User: Blarg!
VaVaVirgil: I wonder why u say blarg.
User: Go screw yourself.
VaVaVirgil: I wonder why u say blarg.
User: Go screw yourself.
VaVaVirgil: I wonder why u say blarg.
User: Go screw yourself.
VaVaVirgil: I wonder why u say blarg.
by ... January 10, 2005
One of my latest conversations with Virgil
(name removed): where is my pizza?
VaVaVirgil: this is vavavirgil

let's c... try retracing your steps.
(name removed): Up your butt?
VaVaVirgil: i'm just not sure.
(name removed): Can you feel it in there?
VaVaVirgil: uh, no. at least i don't think so.
(name removed): The head of my penis is so sensitive it can detect polyps in your descending colon.
VaVaVirgil: the head of your penis is so sensitive it can detect polyps in my descending colon?
(name removed): Yes...want a demonstration?
VaVaVirgil: yea.
by Richeeroo June 22, 2004
a dumbass machine that is incredible fun to tease and annoy and wear out. While doing that it is also fun to ask it out and see what is says
user:you FUCKER
smarterchild: you ought to wash your mouth out with soap
user: CUNT
smarterchild: got anything better then that?
smarterchild: this is what you do with your time? abuse your computer.

user:will you go out with me?
smarterchild:i dont think thats possible
smarterchild:I dont think your parents would allow it
user:I think they would
smarterchild:i dont beleive you
by Kayla January 17, 2004
One of the best chatbots around. Super helpful for trivia, general info, and homework related stuff. By the way, smoking is stupid!
VaVaVirgil asks a question that has only one answer: "Can anybody tell me why smoking isn't stupid?"
by Dudeman December 05, 2003
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