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Baby maker!
im ur baby! dont eat me!
by kid March 22, 2004
The worst mistake a college student can ever make is to get one.
Nuff said.
by kid July 22, 2003
Any credit card company.
Visa, Mastercard, American Express.....
by kid July 22, 2003
Legend has it that he slep with over a thousand different women from eight different countries, but was eventually sent to Hell for refusing to give up his lustful ways.
The modern version of a Don Juan would be a pimp or a playa.
by kid August 26, 2003
Playing with your partner sexually before sex. Usually initiated by the female and PROLONGED by them as well.
"Dawg i was finna get some ass but the bitch was was fore playin to long"
by kid June 19, 2003
i c
Contraction of the words "I see." Usually used when one is annoyed, irritated, or simply doesn't care.
Person A: I got a PSP today
Person B: i c.
Person A: It is so sweet!
Person B: i c.
by Kid April 14, 2005
something i plan on being forever.
adult: im so mature look at my i am so cool.
kid: fuck it.
by kid August 09, 2003
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