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a cool person, usually friendly and out going, forever a home slizzle
Im so jealous of that virgil over there yo.
by Holly homeslizle June 11, 2006
A Roman poet (70 BCE to 19 BCE) who wrote the Aeneid, an epic poem that was commisioned by the emperor Augustus.
Virgil wrote in latin.
by moonbug November 12, 2006
A generally super chill bro. usually pretty tan and handsome. bangin bod. Enjoys the company of women as well as bros. a complete douchebag to women.
wow dood Virgils such a bro!
by lakeshoreking March 09, 2011
throw bitching party, in the abscence of ones parents and fuck shit up.
Pull a Virgil while your parents out of town; cost $15000 fun had by guests: priceless.
by Merc Boys June 16, 2009
Fucked up people, usually refer to some guy who is mentally challenge.
You can say like... Omg he is such a lameass virgil, just piss off.
by shit digger May 16, 2016
This can be just a funny face that someone is putting on temporarily for laughs, or for some unfortunate folks, a permanent disfigurement from birth. This look is achieved by having the upper lip slightly brought up near the nose and almost puckered, the nostrils flared, and in servere cases the eyes are slightly squinted and the brow is furled

or a state of mind.

or stupid.
-my older sister amanda virgils when she wakes up in the morning. its sick :/

"everything is virgil, i am virgil, the sky is virgil, we are all virgil.."

"that is sooo virgil.. god :/"
by heath. March 31, 2008
(n.) A very confused person often mistaken as a homosexual in pain.

(adj.) ADHD like person, looking at nothing.
Girl: Heyy whats up?
Boy: (looking at a picture of Madonna)
Girl: Helloooo??... snap out of it (snaps fingers in boys face)
Boy: oh oh my bad i'm sorry
Girl: ugh ur so VIRGIL.
by jokersjinxbby January 26, 2011
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