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VLR refers to Vaguely Live Radio, a popular podcast created by YouTube stars Alex Day (nerimon)- Co-creator of 'Sopio' (a 100% real card game)- and James 'Jimmy' Hill (jimmy0010). A new series has recently started after a two year break. Shows are aired weekly, usually on a Monday evening. Since it includes Feature Tombola, Topic Roulette and the truly fascinating 'Jimmy's Random Wikipedia Page', it is a favourite of the nation.
'Did you hear the latest episode of VLR?'
'Yeah, it was totally awesome.'
by Kayley Hyde fan October 23, 2011
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Appreviation for Very Large Rooster. Rooster always, refers the animal... sort of.
I would pay good money for his VLR.
by mibluvr13 April 19, 2006

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