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4 definitions by mibluvr13

In the words of zefrank, a sellout "doesn't have to do with actually having money, it has to do with the perception that your pursuit of popularity and potentially making money has caused you to sacrifice your core values."
zefrank1: Shit what can I do?
zefrank2: Well you could pretend nothing was happening.
zefrank1:OK I'll do that!
zefrank2: Well you just screwed that up.
zefrank1:Oh yeah. Crap.
zefrank2: It's too late now but you could have started out with a transparent agenda to become rich, then if it happened they'd call you a genius, not a sellout.
zefrank1: Dammit! Well why don't I take a poll and see what the community wants me to do?
zefrank2: That's called pandering to the audience, that's even worse than selling out.
by mibluvr13 July 05, 2006
187 55
Someone who takes christianity too seriously or someone who believes all sex is very very wrong.
Normal Girl: Oh my god! You see that HOTTIE!?
Kumquat: *crosses self* You slut! Jesus loves you! You will rot in hell!
by mibluvr13 May 16, 2005
224 124
Appreviation for Very Large Rooster. Rooster always, refers the animal... sort of.
I would pay good money for his VLR.
by mibluvr13 April 19, 2006
21 18
A word meaning cool that was used during the 80s and went horribly out of style in the 90s. Of course, now that it's 2005 we must repeat the entire decade of the 80s, it is once again cool to say.
See also Homestar
The 80s:
person1- That's awesome!
person2- Yea, I love new wave too.

The 90:
person1- Grunge is awesome!
person2- Um, dude get away from me.

person1- That's awesome!
person2- Yea, I love new wave too.
by mibluvr13 May 31, 2005
27 31