An abbreviation of 'Very'.
"She was V. good looking."
by SuperJax September 01, 2007
v. means very v. for short cool way of saying things and is alot easier
omg that bag is V. cool
by Kellsbells125 January 11, 2005
A weeked musical festival featuring indie bands and camping that takes place at Weston Park, Staffordshire, on the penultimate weekend of August. Now features a satellite festival in the South East as well running simultaneously.
-(Brummie accent)-

Oi moyte! I wouldnt youse the A foive if I wous youw cuz its Viii !
by mids28 August 31, 2009
1.) A woman's vagina.

2.) Part of a woman's vagina.

3.) The entire vaginal area.
Put it in my v!!

My v hurts.

Want to see my v?
by Hottie McBody October 02, 2006
what gay guys call viagra, especially when they abuse it as a recreational drug and they pnp
ive got v to share for a pnp top
by sexy000 January 12, 2007

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