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A common explosive used for demolition.
When we blew up that dynamite stick that had no cap, it blew the license plate we had in on about 30' in the air & blew a 1'x1' hole in the ground! I'm amazed nobody called the cops!
by Starchylde June 07, 2016
1. a type of bomb, usually these red sticks looking thing
2. a term for "awesome"
1. Those aren't candles.. These are DYNAMITES!"
2. That Sentai series Dynaman was dynamite!
by ChoujinkiMetalder December 26, 2005
a more excited way to say "awesome" or "cool".
Originally, from the movie, "a Requiem for a Dream" starring Jared Leto, Marlon Wayans, and Jennifer Connelly, it was reffered to buying and selling drugs, but CAN be used with other subjects.
"hey, i just sold my car, and got a new phone, let's go party!"

re: "dynamite!!"
by ssakulina08 March 15, 2010
Dynamite is a crude term for a tampon.

how much is the Dynamite Cheryl? am nipping to asda now.
by KatieLovesIt! April 21, 2009
refers to a girl or boy that is always engaged in, or the cause of, overly dramatic and awkward situations. Derived from the name of the American cable network TNT whose tag line reads: "We know drama."
I just got this ridiculous text message from some dynamite. Someone needs to deal with this girl!
by Salinger1963 November 19, 2008
being so damn cool its unbelievable, bitches drop their panties when they see a dynamite and guys freeeeeeze with fear
god damn that rashed anani is so black dynamite
you bet your ass and half a titty that rashed anani is so black dynamite
by rasedeeee March 12, 2010
Device used to prep a woman for an orgy where multiple penetration is imminent.
Hey Lucy! Get the dynamite; seven of your friends are coming over
by myster twister November 28, 2009
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