A letter that appears when you paste something repeatedly, and when finished, you let go of Ctrl first instead of V.
<x_X> pr0be: troll troll troll troll troll troll troll troll troll troll troll v
<Tisteca> lol v
by Tisteca July 22, 2008
A slang, informal and inconspicuous reference to Cocaine
Can I have 2 grams of V?
by John White October 06, 2007
This is shortened from Virginity.
"I Lost My V Last Night"
by Jozzer12345 June 22, 2007
shortened form of "vagina", similar to D ("dick")
"he fucked me so hard last night, my V is still sore"
by not tiff August 07, 2006
an alternative way of saying peace, or showing the peace fingers.
dude #1: alright man i gotta go, peace.
dude #2: V.
by al12 January 05, 2008
Short for Vicodin, or Hydrocodone, a prescription medicine very oftenly abused and sold illegally. It gives a very relaxing feel, similar to that of Marijuana, but keeps the person generally oriented.
Yo man let me get sum o' dat V

Bro u got ne' V?
by Greeen Man September 20, 2007
A discrete way to pronounce someone as a virgin.
See her over there, she's a V.

Cameron's not a V anymore, he did that fat chick at that party last night.
by XSpence January 06, 2009

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