A gay rhinoceros.
Look at those unicorns have sex, although they won't have babies at least they are having fun.
by sexasaurus November 28, 2011
the magical, mystical creature that is the female erection, or lady wood.
"Regina, your unicorn is showing". or.. (Tounge rolled up, mouth open) "Chelsea, put your unicorn in here." OR "Garrett Hedlund gives me a MAD unicorn!
by coricamram May 01, 2011
Unicorns are Awesome.
1: OMG a unicorn
by Unicorn! March 19, 2006
i mystical creature with a sharp horn on its head. the chances of you finding one in real life is about the same as finding a mary-sue
Girls are like unicorns, beautiful, intellegent, but if u get to close u get gored"
by inoesomestuff June 09, 2005
horse with horn.
there is a unicorn in my house.
by butty March 13, 2005
Asian women.

Because they are so magically and majestically beautiful
That Samantha Lee is such a unicorn!
by yborybor98 March 31, 2012
a horsey with one horn on it's head. most little girls or gay/idiotic/weird/stupid/childish boys want or do believe in.
older bro: hey little sis! unicorns aren't real!!

lil sis: yes they r!!! MOMMY!!! WAAAAAAA!!!! *runs away screamin to mommy holdin a toy unicorn*
by awsome hippie peace April 09, 2011

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