The assumption that good women are hard to find, like unicorns
-Hows things working out with you a Courtney bro?

-Not too good, thought I had a unicorn but turns our shes just another skeezer

by JW14 April 13, 2009
A male who is able to get an erection on command and stay erect for sexual activities, like intercourse, for relatively long periods of time. This term is particularly used to describe male actors on the sets of gay porn films.
The camera crew was delighted to discover Tucker and Spence were both unicorns. Despite the fact that they were both straight, they were able to shoot their scenes with minimal needs to cut and take breaks for fluffing.
by Nicholas Anand April 28, 2015
A mythical creature typically represented as a single mother that doesn't use Government assistance.
Even though being a single mom was tough, Janet worked hard to get a degree so she could get a high paying job and become a unicorn instead of a freeloading, street urchin.
by Q-City Wordsmith December 12, 2013
someone who has not endured vaginal, or anal sex. They are hard to find but are still some out there.
lyndsay do you think that broghan is a unicorn?

No Michael she had rectum sex last month with Cameron no way is she a unicorn
by missunicorn2k12 March 23, 2012
a style of flicking someone off by holding you middle finger up near your head to look like a unicorn

-mostly used while riding a bike
That boy who lives down the block rode by my house on his bike and gave me the unicorn.
by urworsthacker01 December 30, 2011
(v) to headbut the bottom of a beer bottle while someone is drinking and drive the bottle into their teeth.
We used to think that it was funny to unicorn each other at parties until we chipped a friend's tooth.


Last Thanksgiving, my aunt accidentally unicorned my beer bottle and made my gums bleed.
by The Diego Cortes November 28, 2011
As rare a real unicorn is. This fascinating sexual experience is when a female giving you fellatio starts to migrate south to your butthole. As she tosses your salad she begins to jerk your member. At this specific moment, she resembles a unicorn polishing her horn (your penis). Yes, it is as magnificent, rare, and pleasurable as it sounds. I would recommend that if any of my fellow alpha males find a women that expresses her love of the unicorn that you wife her IMMEDIATELY. Enjoy!
While the fugazi started to give me head, she went down, started eating my ass and jerking me off and the same damn time. I unicorned that bitch bro!

Female: Hey baby! Make me into a unicorn!
by Tugey November 24, 2013
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