The act of giving someone a blowjob.
Anna loves to give unicorns to all types of men.
by May-kin June 30, 2012
(adj.) A term used to describe anyone who is exceptionally naive, especially in their comments, lifestyle, and contacts with other people.

(n.) A person that lacks a real world perspective and wears rose colored goggles; someone that prances around and sees only rainbows, fairies, and gumdrops; A term used to describe most college freshman.
Anna told some of her friends today that she thinks Kyle likes her because he studied with her over the weekend. How unicorn is that?

Just met some of the incoming freshman class. This time tomorrow we are going to be up to our armpits in unicorns!

She is such a unicorn! Last night she came to the apartment and yelled "Hey guys!" When she walked in. Then she started dancing around the room twirling and singing.

-Do you think she will be there tonight? I had better wear my lucky boxers in case she wants to talk to me.
-Dude, quit acting like a unicorn.
by Tarsicius936 November 01, 2011
a pad for your period
Kristy: Hey I Just Got My sparkle do you have a rainbow
Kate: no sorry i just have a unicorn
by Shajenjen July 22, 2011
A word referring to the drug marijuana.
"Yesterday I smoked almost an ounce of unicorns with my homies I was so baked."

"Aye can I buy some unicorns of you cause I'm going to a party later?"
by The Notorious Big May 26, 2011
A Unicorn is a gentlemen of African American decent that plays professional hockey in the United States of America. They are called such because it is such a rare occurrence to spot one in the NHL that their mythic status is often compared to the fabled Unicorn.
Bro #1: Bro we went to the hockey game and I saw a Unicorn
Bro #2: No way I thought those didn't exist
by Oston from Evers April 18, 2011
A rare mystical, magical creature.
A white girl with a large ass.
"Look, that girl is such a unicorn!"

"Dangggg, i'd tap that!)
by AliceonE March 17, 2011
A mythical and elusive poop. You you felt it come out, but there is no smell, no fecal transfer on the toilet paper and you will see nothing in the bowl except, in some cases, the very tip of a horn.

The opposite of the Minotaur.
I took my morning shit already, but I'm not really satisfied. I'm sure something came out, but it was a unicorn.
by hot carl sagan January 03, 2011

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