i) A mythological creature, that looks like a horse, but they have a helical horn, also referred to as an alicorn, at the center of their head. They are considered fabulous creatures that poop out rainbows and give birth to pretty butterflies.

Their relatives include:

- Horses

- White Rhinoceroses

- Narwhals (this relation, however is extremely distant).

ii) The word that combines the two words "uni" (which means one in Latin) and "corn" (and edible plant that tastes so damn good).

iii) A virgin, because virgins these days are just as rare as unicorns.

ii) Me: “Hey, Mom, can have a unicorn?”

Mom: “What?! Unicorns aren’t real!”

Me: “No Mom, I want one corn! Unicorn! GIVE ME CORN!”

iii) “That h** has been with so many guys, she’s far from being a unicorn!”
by BBCs June 03, 2014
A creature that poops rainbows, barfs glitter, bleeds happiness, can take you on a magical adventure, and has meat that tastes like sprinkles.
My pet Unicorn loves to party!
by SuperCat113 October 05, 2011
slang for virgin or one who hasn't had sex.
Friend 1: You still a unicorn bro?
Friend 2: Nah man i fucked Ashley!
by lol123456789lol August 03, 2012
The act of having sexual intercourse with an individual of any gender without the use of a condom.
What's it like having sex without a condom?

It's a lot like seeing a unicorn. You're really excited and you want to ride the unicorn. But afterwards after you bust in it's face there's a strong sense of guilt for degrading such a beautiful creature.
by Unicorn Enthusiast March 29, 2014
A male with an erection
John is such a unicorn. He's always walking around with an erection.
by Alexx P March 24, 2014
an extremely attractive person that you've heard stories about and seen pictures and movies of but have never seen them in person. (just like the mythical creature the unicorn)
yeah bro i've never seen her before. Shes a total unicorn
by kimurablair November 02, 2010
1. A mythical beast whose ejaculate consists of flaming rainbows

2. A girl whose a virgin, usually in college.
1. John- "Unicorns are made of epic fucking win man, they cum flaming rainbows."

Doug- "Dude, you are so full of shit....."

John- "But its true... I SEEN IT!"

2. Phillip-"I hear that girl in physics is a unicorn"

Bobert-"Jenny? No way man, shes a horse".
by a pirate June 18, 2009
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