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Word used to refer to rhinoceros a couple houndred years ago.
Today it is the name for horse with horn on its forehead.
The return of the unicorns: the natural history and conservation of the greater one-horned rhinoceros
by spoilded brat with teeth October 25, 2012
4 10
Taboo sex position where a male places his penis in the center of partner's forehead
"Dude how was your weekend?"
"Awww u know chillin' Unicorned some bitches'
by LarcenyOf MoneyStax October 26, 2010
10 16
to get a headshot in Halo:Reach with the new needler rifle.
OMFG, i just no-scope unicorned that Jackal
by SPANKY21 April 07, 2010
1 7
A unicorn is an individual that has all of the ideals and qualities that you are looking for in another human. Like the mystical horned creature, you may never see one of these in person, only in dreams.
I met this guy I thought was a unicorn but turns out he is ___ (insert appropriate word).
by Native_Enimga December 07, 2009
10 16
1. A mythical beast whose ejaculate consists of flaming rainbows

2. A girl whose a virgin, usually in college.
1. John- "Unicorns are made of epic fucking win man, they cum flaming rainbows."

Doug- "Dude, you are so full of shit....."

John- "But its true... I SEEN IT!"

2. Phillip-"I hear that girl in physics is a unicorn"

Bobert-"Jenny? No way man, shes a horse".
by a pirate June 18, 2009
21 27
An extremely attractice redhead; possesses a mythological status due to the fact that finding a unicorn is rare but having the opportunity to ride one is even rarer.
Rose McGowan is a unicorn.

Nick: Dude, I hooked up with Rachel last night.

Zach: No way! You hooked up with the unicorn!?

Nick: Yea dude. We were drinkin beer and the next thing I know, she had her mouth around the tip of my penis. Then I took her back to my place and gave her the Tony Danza.
by Private Bitchass February 05, 2009
9 15
A person who seems mythically beautiful and unattainable.
I'd had a crush since I was 13; she was my unicorn.
by S.I. Cake June 08, 2005
128 134