someone who has not endured vaginal, or anal sex. They are hard to find but are still some out there.
lyndsay do you think that broghan is a unicorn?

No Michael she had rectum sex last month with Cameron no way is she a unicorn
by missunicorn2k12 March 23, 2012
Taboo sex position where a male places his penis in the center of partner's forehead
"Dude how was your weekend?"
"Awww u know chillin' Unicorned some bitches'
by LarcenyOf MoneyStax October 26, 2010
The assumption that good women are hard to find, like unicorns
-Hows things working out with you a Courtney bro?

-Not too good, thought I had a unicorn but turns our shes just another skeezer

by JW14 April 13, 2009
An extremely attractice redhead; possesses a mythological status due to the fact that finding a unicorn is rare but having the opportunity to ride one is even rarer.
Rose McGowan is a unicorn.

Nick: Dude, I hooked up with Rachel last night.

Zach: No way! You hooked up with the unicorn!?

Nick: Yea dude. We were drinkin beer and the next thing I know, she had her mouth around the tip of my penis. Then I took her back to my place and gave her the Tony Danza.
by Private Bitchass February 05, 2009
1. Horses with horns on heads.
2. SEXY.
"There are a bunch of unicorns in my house."
by ploopster March 13, 2005
The polite way of calling some a Dickhead.
He's is a right unicorn off a boss
by Telenikros July 06, 2014
Word used to refer to rhinoceros a couple houndred years ago.
Today it is the name for horse with horn on its forehead.
The return of the unicorns: the natural history and conservation of the greater one-horned rhinoceros
by spoilded brat with teeth October 25, 2012

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