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A word used to describe a dickhead
Omar is a unicorn
by unicornfamily December 28, 2013
The first guy or girl you ever loved, the one that still pops into your head from time to time

Also known as "the one that got away"

That person you call crying when you're drunk because you "miss them so much"
"Is it bad that I just stalked through every single one of my unicorn's pictures on facebook?"

*Makes something to eat* "My unicorn used to eat..."
by Annersia October 25, 2012
slang for virgin or one who hasn't had sex.
Friend 1: You still a unicorn bro?
Friend 2: Nah man i fucked Ashley!
by lol123456789lol August 03, 2012
A straight, sexy, seductive female who enjoys wearing a strap-on, she loves the exchange of power and energy. She loves a Man to enjoy anal play, especially pegging.
(See UD Definition for "Pegging")
She told me she is a Unicorn, her strapon turned me on so much because I love anal play. I was ready to feel her in my ass.
by StrawberreeUnicorn June 30, 2012
magical creatures that ride on silver moonbeam and shoot rainbow out of their ass.
Dean, there's ten times as much lore about angels as there is about anything else we've ever hunted."
Dean: "Yeah, you know what? There's a ton of lore on unicorns too. In fact, I hear that they ride on silver moonbeams and they shoot rainbows out of their ass!"
Sam: "Wait, there's no such thing as unicorns?"
by DGT June 18, 2012
A Unicorn is a gentlemen of African American decent that plays professional hockey in the United States of America. They are called such because it is such a rare occurrence to spot one in the NHL that their mythic status is often compared to the fabled Unicorn.
Bro #1: Bro we went to the hockey game and I saw a Unicorn
Bro #2: No way I thought those didn't exist
by Oston from Evers April 18, 2011
Someone who tells crazy stories about when they were drunk or partying, but nobody actually sees them partying ever.

A kid who tries to make himself look like a god by telling crazy stories that are complete bullshit.

Someone who talks themselves up to fuck mad bitches, but nobody sees them hook up with anyone.
Unicorn- dude when I was with my boys, their so crazy, we got arrested for pissing on some guys porch, we were so drunk, i remember everything. I hooked up with an Asian chick, i was wasted.

You- this kid is so full of shit, hes a fucking unicorn
by Dillallo95 March 29, 2010