A black or mixed girl that is actually attractive and would be worthy of dating/ having sexual relations with. Referred to as a unicorn since they are extremely rare but very beautiful when found.
Hey man, i saw a unicorn today. An actual attractive Black girl!", "Yea right you fuckin liar!
by medieviljester15 January 26, 2011
you know when u get a report card and ur teacher gave u a "U"? Well it stands for unicorn, as D stands for dolphin.
"no mother i did not get an unsatisfactory grade on my report card u must have mistaken it, i got a unicorn on my report card."
by Rosa February 27, 2004
Tasty with A1 sauce, grilled over an open flame.
Mmmmm, this Unicorn is very tender.
by Moose September 23, 2003
A sexually empowered transsexual woman (male-to-female) that still has her penis. A rare mystical creature only rumored to exist but highly sought after.

They are desired by straight men who enjoy anal sex, lesbian women who enjoy vaginal intercourse and homosexual men that more identify as queer than gay.

They are further made in short supply due to their own body issues affecting sexual confidence and societal pressure to have full genital surgery.
My sex life is full of mares and stallions. One day I want to ride a unicorn, but they are rare and elusive.
by mares_and_stallions April 09, 2007
A lesbian.
They are wanted by men but mainly unattainable.
"Jen is so hot...too bad she's a unicorn."
by Kippie November 01, 2006
when two lesbians are goin at it and one of them attaches a strap on to her head and starts raming the other like a lesbian with a strap on stickin out of her forehead does
Damn look at those sister's, mommy's expedition is unicorning dog.
by I found god DAWG May 03, 2003
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