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Another word for Horny.

Used in conversation otherwise not approrpiate for.
Me: Everytime i see earin, i get unicorn

You: Yeah, i love fairytales....
by Jeremy August 23, 2004
Mythical creature. It's like a horse with a seat on its head.
"Every girl wants a unicorn for her 16th birthday."
"I'd say. Its ever better than a vibrator!"
by Joe Blow July 05, 2004
a sexual move in which a female is blowing a male and as he is about to cum he pulls his dick out and shoots into her hair and then puts her hair into one big spike like a unicorn
jill was blowing jack up on the hill and jack turned her into a unicorn
by b and a August 24, 2007
The act of sucking balls while jerking the same person off. If performed correctly, the erect dong should go up at an angle from the ball suckers fore head...looking like a unicorn.
Al recieved a unicorn from the three-toed-ho's beast.
by push head 666 June 25, 2005
Don't call it a horse; it's a unicorn. It's mythical, magical mysterious, not plain. It has wings like a pegasus and a nice white coat. It grants wishes and prances inthe rain. It came around in 8000 BC. Noah's ark wasn't built b4 it. Do you think its not real? Full house; it's in the background fool. Eating grass all day; partying all night. It'll grant your wish right before your eyes. They hide in your hills and eat all your apples. They also write the facts on youur Snapples. You can thank them later for that.
Person 1:
Hey! Look at that Unicorn!
Person 2:
Hey, where's my apple?
by ;3; April 12, 2011
A girl who is so beautiful that she attains mythical status and is impossibly far out of anyone's league.
Man, Nicole is so perfect... I wish she were my girlfriend. But alas, she is a unicorn.
by Three Thirty Three September 22, 2010
1)When you are hungry and does not have much to eat, only a single corn.
2)Dead corridors (only one exit) that you often find in shooting games. Actually, only few clans use this term.
3)A combination of Ascii characters
1)Geesh, gotta be kindin, hav unly unicorn to popcorn (a corn that is musician?).

2)Frag out! (unicorn place)
Player killed himself.
Other player: lol. Lmao!!!!

3)Unicorn here is not the same unicorn as you wrote down on paper.
by I have myself eh? December 04, 2005