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two amazing individuals that are practically one. two bodies one soul.
I only wish i could be a part of Broghan..BROGHAN KNOWS BEST
by oh hey November 28, 2006

Great hockey player with awesome hair. who gets a lot of girls with his amazing good looks, hilarious personality and his very big dick. ginger. And a beast at Everything athletic.
Girl: I can't stop smiling!

Boy: How come?

Girl: This boy! He is so hot!

Girl: He sounds like a sweetheart.

Boy: He is! He's a total Broghan!
by George smil July 06, 2011
A smart, intellegent yet incredibly hilarious Irish woman who takes no shit from anyone.
"Damn, I wish i could be more of a Broghan.."
by irishchickkkk April 16, 2015

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