horse with horn.
there is a unicorn in my house.
by butty March 13, 2005
An intellectual female who is considered pretty, sexy, hot, or any similar thing.
I knew she was hot, but I didn't know she was a unicorn! Score!
by Zack Green October 29, 2004
The act of giving someone a blowjob.
Anna loves to give unicorns to all types of men.
by May-kin June 30, 2012
Asian women.

Because they are so magically and majestically beautiful
That Samantha Lee is such a unicorn!
by yborybor98 March 31, 2012
A gay rhinoceros.
Look at those unicorns have sex, although they won't have babies at least they are having fun.
by sexasaurus November 28, 2011
a pad for your period
Kristy: Hey I Just Got My sparkle do you have a rainbow
Kate: no sorry i just have a unicorn
by Shajenjen July 22, 2011
1. An animal that kicks ass.
2. I rhinocerous. That's right. I just crushed your dreams.
3. An extremely malformed smiley face.
awesome person 1: <:D
awesome person that a unicorn?
by ....:D July 25, 2010
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