1. a mythical beast with the body and head of a horse, legs of a stag, tail of a lion, and single horn in the middle of the forehead.
2. a singularity of grotesque freakishness, likened to the mythical creature of the same name.
did you see that bitch with the tight striped pants? I could see her bulging stretch-marks, doo-doo stains, and a foot-wide cameltoe. what a unicorn.
by poo-nonymous October 22, 2006
A person you know that is your perfect match, and you could always picture yourself being with them...but you can't have them, or have never dated them, or they have kept you in the friend zone.
Remember my best friend Jimmy Jackson from high school? He is totally my unicorn.
by alexa7590 October 03, 2008
a horse with a horn stuck on his head
when drunk randomly putting a snooker cue 2 ur head and randomly sayin "im a unicorn" here by creating the still existant and popular sayin of currie high school
In Harry Potter
"im a unicorn!"
by random_bulldog November 03, 2003
you know when u get a report card and ur teacher gave u a "U"? Well it stands for unicorn, as D stands for dolphin.
"no mother i did not get an unsatisfactory grade on my report card u must have mistaken it, i got a unicorn on my report card."
by Rosa February 27, 2004
Tasty with A1 sauce, grilled over an open flame.
Mmmmm, this Unicorn is very tender.
by Moose September 23, 2003
A lesbian.
They are wanted by men but mainly unattainable.
"Jen is so hot...too bad she's a unicorn."
by Kippie November 01, 2006
1.a pretty horse with a horn on its head.
2.one single pease of corn.
3.a unitard made of corn that you can do interperate dances in.
1.omg it's a unicorn!!!
2.drats someone just ate the last unicorn!!!
3.Brittany looks mighty fine dancing in her unicorn.
by chelsea n. h. July 01, 2006

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