the magical, mystical creature that is the female erection, or lady wood.
"Regina, your unicorn is showing". or.. (Tounge rolled up, mouth open) "Chelsea, put your unicorn in here." OR "Garrett Hedlund gives me a MAD unicorn!
by coricamram May 01, 2011
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Taboo sex position where a male places his penis in the center of partner's forehead
"Dude how was your weekend?"
"Awww u know chillin' Unicorned some bitches'
by LarcenyOf MoneyStax October 26, 2010
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A unicorn is a mythical, horse like creature. A unicorn has a horn on it's forehead and typically a long, flowing mane.
Unicorns are often symbolized for their majesticness and beauty.
by Techno Blaze April 27, 2015
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a mythical creature that is rarely found, see girlfriend
The chances of you finding a girlfriend is the same as you finding a unicorn
by inoesomestuff October 31, 2004
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A mythical creature typically represented as a single mother that doesn't use Government assistance.
Even though being a single mom was tough, Janet worked hard to get a degree so she could get a high paying job and become a unicorn instead of a freeloading, street urchin.
by Q-City Wordsmith December 12, 2013
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As defined in Dr.Phillips High School, a virgin who has not received their first kiss yet.

(Masturbation and non-sex non-kissing yet sexually related groping are irrelevant when deciding one's unicorn status.)
1: "Sometimes it's hard being unexperienced, but if we're both in the same state, I guess it won't drive me crazy!"

2: "...Actually, I had my first kiss yesterday..."

by FantaSea April 29, 2011
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An intellectual female who is considered pretty, sexy, hot, or any similar thing.
I knew she was hot, but I didn't know she was a unicorn! Score!
by Zack Green October 29, 2004
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