The Space of matter beneath the ground. Mostly thought to be considered only the earth's crust layer.
When someone dies, they are sometimes buried 6 feet underground.
by Michael Gatto August 29, 2008
those fucking annoying pimples that are like a solid mound protruding from your head, hurt like hell, yet don't have a head so you can't deal with them
you: fml this new pimple is giving me a headache
friend: ouch, an underground?
by Catriine September 09, 2010
A movement or a group of people related to music, who do it not for the money, the notoriety or the fame, but for the love. They don’t promote, because they don’t crave popularity. They also don’t need to tell everyone about how underground they are because they aren’t really interested in labelling their own movement, they just do it, and if people enjoy it, great.
You ain't underground, you have a Facebook page advertsing your event fella....
by dandesqueran June 08, 2015
A twenty-first century marketing buzz word used to convince teens that the over-hyped, over-produced, corporate-friendly crap they listen to on the radio station everday is actually "unique, hip, different" or that they somehow aren't part of a target market in which they all obediently buy the same crap.
Yeah, that hot new underground rapper made his debut on TRL today.
by samhain November 19, 2004
underground is a term for a scene that has unknown artists to the mainstream world but very known to those who keep up with going to many places showing this sort of stuff. NOTE: unknown and underground are extremely different!!!underground is a sound of it's own unknown is a band that has a mainstream sound but is *obviously* unknown
bonsai kitty is underground but shanghi sneeze is unknown because the sound mainstream...ish
by zz November 01, 2003
Something I greatly overvalue in order to escape from my low self-esteem in order to be able to tell myself I am superiour to every form of life.
Someone1: Hi, have you met my friend Amar?
Me(to self): He calls me his friend? How can that be? How can he possibly like me.. Oh wait it's in your head Amar.. it's in your head.
Me: I listen to artists that are so underground they have 600 hits back on google, that's why I own you. I own, I own. Muahahah! I own! Bow before me!! Puny mortal! Bow before me!
Someone2: Is he crazy?
Someone1: Yes.
by Amar van Leeuwaarde March 19, 2006
underground are like sub-cultures.the word underground was used because not many people knew about it not nobody its not many..
by ruicosta_dilivio October 20, 2003

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