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11 definitions by dfault

Used to indicate a strong and powerful, yet corrupted and immoral place. A city in bible propecy. Some believe it may be the future fate of the United States. Prophecies:

(Revelation 14:8) A second Angel followed, calling out, "Ruined, ruined, Great Babylon ruined! She made all the nations drunk on the wine of her whoring!"

(Revelation 16:19) The Great City split three ways, the cities of the nations toppled to ruin. Great Babylon had to drink the wine of God's raging anger--God remembered to give her the cup!

(Revelation 17:5) A riddle-name was branded on her forehead: GREAT BABYLON, MOTHER OF WHORES AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.

(Revelation 18:2) his voice thunderous: Ruined, ruined, Great Babylon, ruined! A ghost town for demons is all that's left! A garrison of carrion spirits, garrison of loathsome, carrion birds.

(Revelation 18:10) They'll keep their distance for fear they'll get burned, and they'll cry their lament: Doom, doom, the great city doomed! City of Babylon, strong city! In one hour it's over, your judgment come!

(Revelation 18:21) A strong Angel reached for a boulder--huge, like a millstone--and heaved it into the sea, saying, Heaved and sunk, the great city Babylon, sunk in the sea, not a sign of her ever again.

(Revelation 18:24) The only thing left of Babylon is blood-- the blood of saints and prophets, the murdered and the martyred.
"Oh, Babylon, the whole earth has drank the maddness in your wine. Now a day has come when you must pay for every crime."
by dfault June 30, 2004
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A universal expression meaning yes. You can use it to say yes, even when you dont know the language. Of course, if you dont know the language, you dont know what you are saying yes to.
Brent: Hola, quiero darme todos tu dinero?
Joey: Ay!
by dfault June 29, 2004
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When you get pleasure sexually from licking eyeballs.
Tom: Chris, why are you licking your eyeball?
Chris: It feels good.
Tom: Dude, are you intrippactive?
by dfault June 29, 2004
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A word exlusively used in the Trowbridge clan of Northeastern Ohio, including the adopted members. These words are secret and no one except the Trowbridges can use them.
Trowbridge: Hey Tom, do you want some @#$#!% to drink?
Jared: What is @#$#!%?
Tom: Can't tell you, its a Trowbridge word.
by dfault June 29, 2004
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nagry is worse than angry because its hardcore!!! no smiling
youre just a nagry little puck rocker arent you?
by dfault June 29, 2004
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Macintoshish for everything.
iVerything Macintosh makes has an "i" to begin its name.
by dfault June 29, 2004
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An expression that men use that means "My purpose in life." Refers to Adam and the garden of Eden. See "Everything is Broken" by the OC Supertones www.supertones.com.
This was my garden, I made it die, its asking me why.

I brought it death and I gave it hell and there grew a cross, to mark where I fell.

A day will come when, Adam again,
will pay for my sin.
by dfault June 30, 2004
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