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crazy, psycho. to be off one's rocker in a particualarly locomotive, active, or athletic way. May give off an impression of specific, albeit insane, motivation. one sandwich short of a picnic; having misplaced one's marbles. Having gone totally beyond the realm of reason. see also batshit.
my boss went completely crackerdog this morning - the stress is really getting to him.
by zz January 16, 2004
underground is a term for a scene that has unknown artists to the mainstream world but very known to those who keep up with going to many places showing this sort of stuff. NOTE: unknown and underground are extremely different!!!underground is a sound of it's own unknown is a band that has a mainstream sound but is *obviously* unknown
bonsai kitty is underground but shanghi sneeze is unknown because the sound mainstream...ish
by zz November 01, 2003
elub also known as eunit
eclub rocks YEA eUNIT
by zz November 13, 2003

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