Name used during oral sex when the man is about to come in the woman's mouth and she is going to swallow it , said to turn him on more right before he has an orgasm.
Girl- Says "Oh Uncle Daddy, it tastes SO GOOD!"
Uncle Daddy - "Oh baby,I'm gonna come, take it all!!!"
by Kerry Lynne Robinson April 17, 2008
Top Definition
A Man who divorces his wife whom he had kids with, only to marry his wife's sister
Ranger Fans chant Uncle Daddy at Martin Broduer during hockey games.
by Ezkiel Rodriguez Ramierz Jr January 12, 2009
A suspicous, string vest wearing man with a high sexual appetite and a thin pencil moustache.
Sophie: is that who I think it is?
Vik: it looks like uncle daddy!
Sophie: RUN!
by Harv13 April 23, 2010
What no traveling salesman wants to hear from his kids. Mother tells the kids every overnight male gueat is their uncle. A man on the road a lot becomes another face to small kids.
I've been on the road so much, my kids call me "Uncle Daddy" now.
by hannibal lickter May 12, 2005
the incestual phenonmenon of one man being both the uncle and daddy to a child; i.e., a man impregnates his sister and is thus, the uncledaddy to the resulting child.
Lila Mae gave her sweet uncledaddy a hummer, while basking beneath the sensual glow of the bug zapper in the backyard.
by Brian Wilson May 18, 2004
when a woman has a baby with her brother

Kid and Mother's Brother = Uncle
Kid and Mother's Baby Daddy + Daddy
Uncle Daddy
Timmy's mom is so ugly no man ever loved her except for her brother, literally.

Mom+Brother=Nephew Son or "Timmy"

It also can be the otha side around, Auntie Mama. Pretty much the same concept as Uncle Daddy.
by MayaEA December 18, 2006
1. A creepy older gentleman who is somehow connected to one's financial well-being.
2. Chris Bell.
3. Someone who is both your father and uncle.
Hey Carl, are you closing the bar tonight for your Uncle Daddy?
by charlotte blackwell October 16, 2010
The male equivalent version of granny panties.
It's laundry day so I am wearing my uncle daddies.
by Chadwick Stromboli January 08, 2014
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