A show on the TV network "WB"
Static Shock is incredibly uncool
by A guy with taste April 27, 2004
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no 'in'. another definition for 'mom'.
My mom is weirdly uncool.
by Sarah May 29, 2004
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embarrassing plague that faced a big population of later 80's kids who sat on the internet to connect with friends, now depend on the internet to see how their friends are doing, not about owning what so ever, try to strew up facebooks and any other public profiles to show off their sunshine, in reality were socially insecure at one point in time to hold a physical conversation with another person and start up a conversation without a extra measure..

Any later 80's kid that did not want to grow up, did not take part of any socializing on the street, at football games, in school, in sports activities, at church activities, in boy or girl scouts, at a tween job, at parties, meet new people in your local area, make friends with neighbors and kids on the streets, go out, be one with mother nature, never gave back to mother nature.

knowing everything there is to know about the internet to look very cool and act like people that did not grow up on the internet or started using the internet as a tool as an adult are not cool because they have less experience using a computer.

people that had a lot of boyfriends and girlfriends growing up and talked every day after school on the internet, and still use that same computer or method to talk to people around the bush now but try to look cool... playing cool does not look good on them.
wild scottish girl - "So one day I wooped "crazygrl21's" or whatever her name's ass in volleyball because she is uncool."

Indian - "Why do you think she is uncool."

wild scottish girl - "Uncool because I said so. She grew up sucking her thumb on the internet while I was out there "on another planet" working and having the time of my life."

Indian - "Uncool. I love you."
by giantpandashirt October 23, 2010
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not havin the respect for ones game room on said night. not following the rules of the game room.
yo man, i had rocky over last night, not only was the bitch bigger than him, but using my room for nasty ass ho's !!! man, that was uncool !!
by sam November 18, 2003
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1. In the stereotypical sense; the absence of being cool. When and object, saying, style, person ect… does not fit into the status quo.

2. In the non-stereotypical sense; An individual or group being rude to or harassing another individual or group or simply being ignorant toward others.
1. "Reading is so uncool!" Billy said to Johnny, throwing Johnny's book away.

2. Billy was being uncool by throwing away Johnny's book.
by Serenadeanb December 07, 2014
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