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a girl/woman who wears too much fake tan
there are a lot of umpa lumpas around college today
by Cocoliso January 06, 2005
a short bronze colored person with green hair possibly desendents of leprecons who knows a lot about the rights and wrong of a candy factory and are taught to spontainiosly break out with a funky fresh beat about those rights and wrongs
watch willie wanka and the chocolate factory a.k.a "umpa-lumpas galore"
by TJ muenzie A.k.A Tigit or tito February 24, 2004
n. short, fat girls who wear too much make-up and/or dark, dark orange sunless tanner
Im totally into UL's.
by sean July 15, 2001
Creepy midget that wears creepy makeup and sings creepy songs for its creepy candy masters. It is soulless, having long since lost its humanity and driven insane by a diet consisting entirely of sugar and occasionally innocent, abandoned children. In battle, usually traveling in packs, it is able to channel the glucose stored in its defiled body to become rage incarnate. Despite its appearance, it is ruthlessly efficient and incredibly difficult to kill.
We're in some real pretty Umpa-Lumpa shit now man... That's it man, game over man, game over!

What do you mean "THEY cut the power"? How could Umpa-Lumpas cut the power, man? They're animals!

Look there's something moving in here and it ain't us! Reading's off the charts man! Umpa-Lumpas all around us man! What the hell?
by shelax October 06, 2006
A being that originated from Lumpa land. These creatures are a tree dwelling species that are often obsessed with the cocoa bean. While searching Lumpa land Willy wonka(the amazing chocolateer) discovered there beings and invited them to work in it chocolate factory where they could have all the cocoa beans they wanted. These creatures are often seen singing catchy tunes about naughty, horrible children.
"Daddy, I want an Umpa lumpa, Get me one now!"
by Boyfrmhicktwn August 15, 2005
a person of frumpy and dumpy proportions and strange colour distortions. quick with the funky chicken dance and usually adorned with mighty ballon pants...likes to prance with overalls and curly socks, face that even a mother would mock....likes to work in the candy docks and has strangely brown curly locks
Pimpin little dudes who obviously eat too much chocolate on Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
by Chuck Knuckles March 24, 2005
A umpa lumpa is a short little man that works in a chocolate factory owned by Willy Wonka.This is from a book by Roald Dahl called Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
A umpa lumpa works hard at the chocolate facctory.
by Charles Tuan January 01, 2004
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