A little man who works in a chocolate factory and has a little green wig and sings while working
by James Tadjkarimi September 30, 2003
A human like creature. Around the height of 4' 6". enjoys to bother real humans.
That umpa lumpa stole my calculator
by youtellme69 November 11, 2009
a little person that makes you feel big
friend from abroad(you know who)
by dick stumpy September 27, 2003
A short, most of the time orange, person that works at a chocolate factory. Can somtimes be very large and annoying, every once in a while will break out into phunky phresh beats giving puzzles and detailing the rights and wrongs of working at a chocolate factory.
Also a nickname for a short chubby kid wearing an orange shirt
"man did u see C.J. he looks like a total Oompa Loompa wearing that orange shirt"
"nah man an Oompa Loompa breaks out into funky fresh beats sometimes 2"
" ya man he beatboxes 2"
"whoa C.J. must be an umpa Lumpa then"
by Zak Persi June 16, 2008
A short, fat, green haired organism possibly the result of a female leprocon and a black male midget having unprotected sex. (This isn't rare in most cases)
Willie wont pay for the Umpa-Lumpa's DNA test to find out who da fuck his daddy is...
by Big Trigg July 30, 2006
cheep workers, most commonly used to make chocolate. while not very pleasant to look at the due to their midget/woman/transvestite appearance they do have some catchy rhymes.
example 1

bob: "Hey dude just hire some Mexicans to dig the ditch"

mark: "Naw man ima get some Umpa-Lumps there cheeper"

example 2

bill: "listen to them spook's singin their nigger work song"

hank: "i reckon them Umpa-Lumpa can sing also huh"
by Matt from Downey ca April 10, 2010
Freaky little orange dudes with green hair that work in a chocolate factory.
umpa lumpas scary me.
by Dude December 22, 2004
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