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a very short jersey girl, Uses the terms yous and aaass. says girl all the time. Name Ashley.

Umpa was talking to me the other day and said, "Hey girl, can yous believe what Willy gave us? Girl! I never had so much candy before!"
by Willy Wonka The Owner December 15, 2007
a person who is your best friend.
originally a combination of grandma and uncle... tranlsated into a friendly nickname.
can be abbreviated to ump
hey umpa
i love ump
ump face
by mary & emma January 27, 2006
A short & fat male marine who is extremly bossy. He has no friends and owns a H3 lifted truck.
Watch the umpa jump out of the H3 truck!
by umpa haters August 18, 2009
Ceremonial expression used to express joy, in any occasion.
John: Here. i bought you some dip and dots.
Fred: Umpa!
by Davby April 02, 2007