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A fat dolphin
"That ballon can jump surprinsingly high!"
"Shauna just ate all of my cookies, that ballon!"
by thunderfox73 September 26, 2013
Cork slang. Depending on the context means "Go on ahead"/"keep going" or "well spotted" Very much a northside version, so uttering this phrase while wearing a tracksuit adds gravity to your statement.
Chap one: "I say, would you care to indulge in a beverage with me?"
Chap two: "Nah, boy. I'm going out with the oul doll. Ball on."

Chap one: "Oh dear. There appears to be a group of drunken lingerie models in the corner who are attracted to men with buzzcuts and homemade indian ink tattoos over there!"
Chap two: "Wha?!? BALL ON!!!"
by Gaz Edmunds October 03, 2006
The misspelling of the word 'Balloons' when my co-worker attempts to get our chat bot to spit out links of big bouncy breasts.
"@kato show me some organic water ballons"
by gnomishperson December 07, 2011
a ballon is a balloon
(as seen in the description of apex
Jesibelle: "Have you seen my new ballon?"
Orwell: "That is totally apex!"
by Sharkdog September 05, 2003
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