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An insane gamer who goes all night until 7:00 in the morning and then passes out.
by tittyfuck69 April 26, 2009
A person who speaks at least 14 "Umm"s per minute, where "Uhh"s are equal to half an Umm, according to Dvorak's Hummer Theory.

See also: Berkeley hummer
The slave recognized the Senator to be an ummer after it measured 16 Umms per minute during the Senator's speech by using an Umm-meter, in the morning.
by CitizenSlave July 19, 2013
A big fat shit with no friends
Wow that guy is such an ummer
by john watson school June 05, 2007
A word commonly associated with younger children as an expresion of doing something wrong
Kid A: Do you know who broke the window?

Kid B: Yeah, it was me.

Kid A: Ummers!
by G B September 29, 2005
A way of introducing a boyfriend, girlfriend, or lover when you don't wish to say any of the free. The name comes from the fumbling you do when you introduce them: "This is. ."
"This is my ummer, Olivia."

"Mom, this is um. . .er, David."
by lizzie mag June 01, 2005

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