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1) What you get when you slide down a slide in a mini skirt
While at Eureka Park, I went down the slide and ended up with a HUGE slide burn on my thighs.
by Dawnie April 09, 2007
1) A language originating in the Denton Texas area. First written records appeared in the notes of a girl named Dawnie. Fairly random language and easy to learn.
This girl walked up to me and started saying crazy words like randomosity, lssao, brunetter, and hippie-cups and I was confused. That was until my friend came up and explained that she was speaking Dawnian, a language orginating in Denton.
by Dawnie December 09, 2006
1) Hic-ups
Originated from Dawnian. The best language in the world. ;3
I kept getting hippie-cups after drinking to much soda to fast.
by Dawnie December 09, 2006
1) Penis
2) Weiner
3) Male genitals
My peweny hurt after hours of hot, long, sex with my ubber hot smexy girlfriend.
by Dawnie April 09, 2007
1) Something you hold that prevents you from getting wet whilst it's raining
2) An umbrella
When it started raining, this girl pulled out the most colorful ummer belly to keep herself from getting wet.
by Dawnie December 12, 2006
1) Laughing Steven's Sexy Ass Off (Can be also laughing anyone's ass off with a name beginning with an S)
3) Used to describe more than normal laughing
4) Better than lol
5) A laugh that hurts your side after so long
Dawn was totally lssao last night during her tickle-fest with Steven, her boyfriend.
by Dawnie December 09, 2006
Indescribable, not being able to describe
That babe walkin' down the street was so boobie dudie.
by Dawnie April 09, 2007

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