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The incorrect acronym of the University of Toronto. It's either UT or UofT. What is UFT? Are you illiterate? No one actually attending UofT actually says I go to UFT.

If you say this, you probably go to another University or College with no idea about the CORRECT word to describe a university that's better than yours.

(except Western's Ivey, York's Schulich, and Waterloo's Engineering)
UofT rocks, what more can I say?.
by Practice Your Acronyms August 19, 2004
up fuck the shut:
a joke mocking nubs that believe ftw is fuck the what
nub:ah ftw how did i die?
joe: ufts noob uninstall
by phission mailed January 06, 2008
an alternative to the usual ooft. for use when you see a fittie...this can be lengthened for effect for example ufffffft
*fit gal/guy walks past* "uft"
by itsjustmeandme April 10, 2008
A word that subsitutes 'Oh no' or 'For christ sake'. Can be used when describing something stressful, negative or something that you don't like. Uft can also be changed into 'Ufty Gufty', 'Uft mine Guft' and 'Trufty' depending on the level of negativity and stress invloved. It is a common word used frequently by Ian, Darren, Karen, Vicky, Jenna and Becky,
'Oh uft I've got to go to work'
'Ufty Trufty I'm getting married in 5 weeks!'
'Uft Mine Guft I'm living in Canada for 3 months!'
'Ufty bloody gufty look at the queue at the coffee bar!'
by Ian July 26, 2003

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