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UEFA stands for Union of European Football Associations. Organization that represents the national football associations of Europe, runs Europe-wide national and club competitions and regulations to the competitions and nations of Europe.

UEFA is the heart of football due to the popularity of football (soccer) in Europe.

UEFA organizes following tournaments;

UEFA Champions League - The best football club competition in the World.

UEFA Cup - Secondary club competition in Europe.

UEFA Super Cup (Winners of Champions League vs Winners of UEFA Cup) The winner is usually the winner of UEFA Cup due to the loss of interest of the Champions League winner.

Uefa EURO A competition that is played by European Nations every four years. It 2 years after and before the World Cup, just as World Cup is 2 years before and after the EURO Cup. For example, World Cup is in 04 and 08, and EURO Cup is in 02 and 06. Some people think that Euro is a better competition than World Cup due to the most of the top European nations equal strenght in football.

They also organize a various of other Under 19, 17, and 21 football tournaments and a futsal tournament.
UEFA Champions League winner of 06/07 is AC Milan from Italy. The club with most Champions League cups is Real Madrid from Spain.

The Winner of UEFA Cup 06/07 is Sevilla from Spain.

Super Cup Final will be played on August 31st between AC Milan and Seville at Stade Louis II stadium located in Monaco, France.

Winner of EURO 04 is unfortunately Greece
by Bosanac22 July 27, 2007
U.E.F.A if you search in wikipedia you will find the answer but if your 2 damn lazy so : UEFA is a soccer tornament short 4 Unions of Europian Football Associantions.
"I Watched The Uefa Final today wich was yesterday (may 15)
by Shady Khamis May 18, 2007