Top Definition
Ebbe means sexy, hot, cool.
Ahhhh! I feel so ebbe to day!!!
by snaxy May 11, 2009
The act of taking a shit. Can be used in the form of "talking to Ebbe". If Ebbe called you, it is more of an unexpected shit that you did not have control over, like when you have to run to the bathroom. If you are trying to call Ebbe but she isn't picking up, that is when you force out a shit and it might not work. If you had a good talk with Ebbe, it is when you take a great one. Also a text message from Ebbe is a bad fart, letting you know that a shit is coming soon. An Elsbeth is when you shit yourself.
--Dude, have you heard from Ebbe, lately?

--Yeah, I had Thai food for lunch and she was calling me non-stop all afternoon
by Terrance from America April 21, 2009
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