OK, we all know that USMC stands for the honorable "United States Marine Corps" and some people refer to them as "Uncle Sam's Misguided Children". However, in early 1987 there was a big scandal where one or two security guards at the U.S. embassy in Moscow, U.S.S.R. were caught being involved in an espionage ring and security breach, and one or more of the guards (who were United States Marines) were in a sexual relationship with a Russian female agent. They were court-martialed and for a while "USMC" was an abbreviation for "Under Seduction of Moscow's Cunt". This occured even while Reagan and Gorbechev were in a state of friendly dialog and Cold War tensions were lessening.
This USMC/embassy mess did not stop the talks between the U.S.A. and the U.S.S.R. from continuing. The Cold War ended peacefully a few years later and the incident was largely forgotten.
by Starpunk January 24, 2008
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1. Uncle Sam's Misguided Children
2. United States Marine Corps; the best damned fighting force in the world.
by MGySgt, USMC October 05, 2003
United States Marine Corps
Semper Fi
by CP July 14, 2003
U Signed a Motherfucking Contract
USMC is the greatest fighting force in the world
by The Great Tailor July 13, 2006
United States Marine Corps.

Currently operating as their own branch of the US Military, the USMC was originally infantry for the US Navy. What is not commonly known (even among Marines) is that to this day the USMC is still officially part of the Navy. While they may operate independently of the Navy, the USMC has never technically been made its own branch.

Generally, Marines tend to despise the Navy (as well as the Army and Air Force) and its members, regarding them as inferior. This being the case, pointing out that the USMC is part of the Navy is often the simplest way to anger a Marine. Angering a Marine can be very funny or very stupid. Do so at your own risk.
The USMC is technically, officially, and administratively part of the Navy.
by GAW II July 22, 2008
(1) University of Science, Music, and Culture
(2) Uncle Sam's Misguided Children
(3) Uncle Sam's Mountain Climbers
(4) United States Marine Corps (the world's finest fighting force)
Lewis Burwell "Chesty" Puller, a Summa Cum Laude graduate of the University of Science, Music, and Culture (USMC), always preferred hands-on whoopass to theory.
by FormerMarinefromOregon December 14, 2005
Acronym for:
Marines rock!
by Renee May 31, 2004
1. United States Marine Corps
2. Uncle Sam's Misguided Children
3. Uncle Sam's Mountain Climbers
4. Uncle Sams Marijuana Club
5. Under-paid Sex Machine Co-operators
USMC - Semper Fi
by Andy The Mexican Candy February 28, 2009

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