Acronym denoting the United States Marine Corps. Also jokingly defined as 'Uncle Sam's Misguided Children' in reference to it's counter-cultural characteristics. To many members it's also defied as 'Uncomplicated Shit Made Complicated' referring to the Corps' ability to turn any simple task into a complex, micro-managed mess.
Civilian: so why can't you just ask to use the bathroom during a brief?
Marine: I don't know dude. USMC. It's what we do.
by jander hawk August 31, 2012
Uncle Sams Misguided Children
U.S.M.C.= Marines are all nuts
by Sgt USMC July 10, 2006
Urine Samples Make Civilians
The tattoo on my chest (usmc) now stands for Urine Samples Make Civilians.
by jomica May 14, 2008
OK, we all know that USMC stands for the honorable "United States Marine Corps" and some people refer to them as "Uncle Sam's Misguided Children". However, in early 1987 there was a big scandal where one or two security guards at the U.S. embassy in Moscow, U.S.S.R. were caught being involved in an espionage ring and security breach, and one or more of the guards (who were United States Marines) were in a sexual relationship with a Russian female agent. They were court-martialed and for a while "USMC" was an abbreviation for "Under Seduction of Moscow's Cunt". This occured even while Reagan and Gorbechev were in a state of friendly dialog and Cold War tensions were lessening.
This USMC/embassy mess did not stop the talks between the U.S.A. and the U.S.S.R. from continuing. The Cold War ended peacefully a few years later and the incident was largely forgotten.
by Starpunk January 24, 2008
Urine Samples Make Civilians
The tattoo on my chest (usmc) now stands for Urine Samples Make Civilians.
by jomica May 14, 2008
United States Marine Corps, the main armed task force of the USA, and actually, one of the armies that suffered most casulties in the modern age warfare, even while possessing the best technology and great numbers.
USMC is a really strong force and Air or Naval superiority may be very helpful for countries in war, but all wars end on the land, with real land soldiers.
by hydra headed monkey October 16, 2007
United States Marine Corps(That's pronounced Core)
The grunts working for the US Navy. They do the ground fighting, while the Navy leaves smoldering ruins in their wake.

Also known as Jar Heads. Not exactly very smart. Give them orders and they will carry them out to the smallest detail, but don't expect much more.
Example 1:
Navy guy: Hey we need to capture some leader.

Example 2:
Navy Guy: We need to destroy this town from the face of the Earth.
USMC: Wha?
by Abuzar February 11, 2008

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