1. bullet sponge
2. extreme badass
heeeeey Marine Corps!
Bullet sponge Marine Corps!
Get on your boots and follow me,
We are the sons of liberty!
by mojo March 23, 2004
Gods finest creation on his green planet also
a department of the navy...the MENS department. While the Navy sits and drinks coffee the real men in the USMC shoot, kill, destroy virtually anything in his or her path lead anywhere between and up to the point of his or her intended Objective.
Navy seaman: this needs to be destroyed...overnight could you boys over that the USMC take care of it.

Marine LCPL: sure can do squid sit back and enjoy your coffee

Navy seaman: thats what those tax dollars pay for.
#usmc #marine corps #kicking ass #uncle sam #american #u.s.a.
by SEXinSLC August 11, 2008
whoever wrote number 7, who states that the Marine Corps is, to this day, a department of the navy:

This is a true statement.

And the statement referring to angering a Marine by throwing this in their face:

This is a partly true (depending on who you say it to) and mostly FALSE statement. Here's why.

You say USMC is a department of the Navy. What you failed to recognize is that they are the MEN'S DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY!

The USMC is a department of the Navy- the men's department. :)
#marine #navy #department #men #semper fi
by cherry6baby9 October 12, 2009
United States Marine Corps.
Formed at Tuns Tavern, Philadelphia, PA on November 10, 1775. An elite fighting force that is a branch of the U.S. Navy, which is the only fighting force controlled directly by the President. Meaning that while Congress is deciding whether to send the Army, Navy, or Air Force to battle, the Marines are already on the way. This organization has the lowest budget of all military and defense spending. While the Army and other branches have satelite com. the marines are still making it happen with short wave radios and tins cans attached with string. The English Bulldog is the Marine Corps' mascot. Semper Fidelis (semper fi) is the Corps' motto, meaning always faithful. Honor, Courage, Commitment are the core values. While there are more than a million people in the other branches of military, there are only a couple hundred thousand Marines. This would be why you hear the popular Marines slogan, "The few, the proud, The MARINES".

Marine Corps Recruit Training Depots are located at Camp Pendleton and Parris Island. If a person is in another branch of the service and transfers to the Marines they must go through Recruit Training even though they have been through boot camp before. This gives you an idea of how hardcore, badass, muthafuckin killin machines are made. Tha modern day 300 spartans.

Proud father- You don't want to go to the army son. Join the USMC. Marines, now they're who women want to fuck!!

Terrorist- oh no....it's the Marines!!!!!

Marine- Welcome to thunder dome bitch!!
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by SIZZLLIN March 19, 2011
the 4 i knew in my time;

united states marine corps

uncle sam's misguided children

u suck my cock

u shittin' me chief
the navy provides medical personnel (corpsmen) to the corps. when a corpsman graduates, the chief petty officer (chief) will hand out duty assignments for the first duty station. when the new navy corpsman realizes he's assigned to a grunt unit, his first word is "usmc".
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by echo4, usmc February 28, 2013
Because Bad ass mother fucker isn't an official branch of the military.
My boyfriend is in the USMC and he's one bad ass mother fucker.
#usmc #marines #jarhead #military #devil dog
by Marine Girlfriend. August 12, 2015
U = Uncomplicated
S = Shit
M = Made
C = Complicated
Corporal Adrian Shepard: This is why they call us the USMC: Uncomplicated Shit Made Complicated
#usmc #uncomplicated #shit #made #complicated
by kakokapolei January 02, 2014
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