1)A piss poor imitation of HM Royal Marines.

In the USMC around 12 weeks is considered adequate training. In the Royal Marines 32 weeks is the bare minimum to earn the green beret.

However, it must be noted the USMC still retains superiority of firepower through larger numbers, essentially the human equivalent of the Zerg.

Royal Marines 99.9% need not apply!
"Hey I'm in the USMC"

"Great I'm a Royal Marine, so which way do you point that rifle then?"

"Not really sure, I guess I'll pull the trigger and see what shit goes down..."

by A bored reader May 29, 2009
Delivery system for the big green weenie

used to be blood guts and motivation now it is kinder and gentler

place where dumb ass college boys go to get people who know what the fuck they are doing killed
man the usmc ius really givin it to me in the 6 this time
by Blue falcon July 28, 2006
United States Marine Corps


U Suck My Cock
Person 1: Hahah look at that marine. Fucktard!
Marine: USMC
Person 1: What??
Marine: U suck my cock
Person 1: Ok
by James December 28, 2004

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