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Mafia word when a made guy offers a reward to another to kill a specific person.
For cooperating with the police, I'm going to put out a contract on his head.
by GF Ed February 07, 2005
An endless and eternal pit devoid of all pleasure and goodness; the nerve center of all imaginable horrors; a putrid, oozing curse upon the world; that which makes us envy the dead; a gigantic, hulking nightmare factory; the ghost of lost freedom that forever haunts your soul; the mindkiller; a smoothie of broken glass, maggots, and metal filings; a mountain of reeking shit.
"I'm sorry, I can't go out tonight. I have to study for Contracts."
by Are Jonnson November 30, 2006
If you are on or the Urban Dictionary app and are reading this text, you hereby agree to pay the person holding this device and letting you read this text any disclosed amount of cash. Personal deeds (including sexual) are also tolerable.
Failure to comply will result in a swift kick in the Gooty Hole by the person holding this device.

Other notes:
See: Gooty Hole
Friend: I broke my contract.
You: Prepare your Gooty Hole.
by dhughes June 14, 2016
1. an arrangement to have someone murdered by a

professional criminal

2. any illegal or unethical arrangement
Those bastards have set up a contract and are targeting the Former Governor.
by The Return of Light Joker August 25, 2009
(adj.) Term used to describe a sexual partner who sleeps with you without receiving something first i.e. Dinner, movie, gifts. You still end up paying for it eventually. Origin - UK mobile telephone payment system.
Atonym - Pay as you go
My girlfriend has put out four times this week, I just know that I'm going to have to pay the contract soon.
by JediAndi September 03, 2005
An obligation to answer a specified number of questions, as on the TV game show Bullseye with Jim Lange; if a player finishes it, he has the option to bank the accumulated money.
"...that is your contract, and the numbers range from 1 to as many questions as you wish."

Jim Lange, explaining the rules of Bullseye
by Ben Masters December 31, 2003
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