Where Persian kids commute to from Beverly Hills to go study business.
Ryan and Daniel, and their girlfriends Nicole and Michelle, are all majoring in business administration at USC.
by KevinCAL February 16, 2009
The University of Southern California is a top U.S. university. With high academics and EXTREMELY successful alumni. University of Smart Children would be entirely exceptional. With many NFL and NBA players, to the most amazing directors ever like George Lucas, you know this school is straight up fabulous.

The rivalry against UCLA is quite amusing. *cough* UGLY CALIFORNIA LOOKING ASAINS *cough* UCLA alumni were too stupid to make into to CAL. so they go to the second choice, UCLA the little bruins... BOO! If you walk around Los Angeles you occasionally see more trojan pride! nobody wants to be an ugly little fake ass bear. All you out of state USC haters just have no life, CMON you can't even live in California? SADNESS. so if you don't live in california just stop fantasizing about going to school here.... unless you get a big ass shcolarship! GOOD LUCK! USC is cooler than UCLA. better. prettier. more parties. amazing all around school.
by FightonSC_tennisfreak January 04, 2011
University of South Carolina.
Not to be confused with the University of Southern California, or the University of Southern Colorado.

by BillyBoobFat October 14, 2009
University of Southern California
I'm a dirty cunt. Thus, I attend USC.
by It's a joke April 16, 2009
university of spoiled children. extremely costly. full of brats. mostly. i'm sure there are some nice people there tho.
"where did you park the mercedes your daddy bought for you?"

"at usc."

"how will you tell which is yours?"

"no idea."
by iwillremainanonymous October 29, 2006
University of Spoiled Cunts
USC is a University of Spoiled Cunts.
by Renaj April 03, 2008
a private school in south central california, the initials of which are incredibly easy to use in disses by UCLA students.

for example, the more famous ones include:
university of second choice
university of spoiled children
university of south central
f**k SC

a couple of my own:
add a P to USC! (pusc=p***Y)
university of sucking c***
university of small c***
university of shrivled c**t
look at his FUCLA shirt! let's go wear our PUSC shirts!
by aspdlfjw0 April 04, 2009

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