Cal State University (CSU)----backwards
CSU longbeach. change the letters and multiply the tuition and you have USC
by urban-F August 20, 2007
a private school in south central california, the initials of which are incredibly easy to use in disses by UCLA students.

for example, the more famous ones include:
university of second choice
university of spoiled children
university of south central
f**k SC

a couple of my own:
add a P to USC! (pusc=p***Y)
university of sucking c***
university of small c***
university of shrivled c**t
look at his FUCLA shirt! let's go wear our PUSC shirts!
by aspdlfjw0 April 04, 2009
UCLA business is better than USC business. UCLA Anderson is ranked 14 and USC Marshall is ranked 27 according to Business Week. UCLA Anderson is ranked 11 and USC Marshall is ranked 26 according to US News. What about undergraduate business? Sure UCLA does not have an undergraduate business major, but it has business economics. Harvard and Stanford have a business major? WRONG. Please don't tell me University of Southern California will be a better preparation for a business career than Harvard or Stanford.
Many Ivy league students who go into investment banking major in economics. According to US News, UCLA Economics is ranked 11 in the nation, and USC is not even in the top 25.
by UCLAbruin January 04, 2006
University of Second Choice
University of Snobby Cunts
University of Sucking Cocks
University of Spoiled Children
University of Silly Caucasians
University of Sassy Cumguzzlers

A second-rate university for elitists located on gang territory within the perimeter of Los Angeles in California.

Academics are not as solid as the USC grad would like one to believe. Overall slightly better than the CSU and slightly below the top UC schools (UCSB, UCB, UCLA). Admissions are heavily tied to legacy and family donations.

A decent athletic program, however.
Ethan is an incoming USC student whose parents gave $100,000 to the school when he was a high school junior. Suffice to say, he was awarded early admission. At least he'll watch some decent football when the fall semester begins. He might actually get a 4.0 even with his mental retardation.
by Chuck Kyle January 01, 2008
It was founded in 1880. Though it is located in a not so great part of town it is the best school on the west coast. Way better than any universities in the L.A. area and definitely better than any of those stuffy schools on the boring east coast! It produces the best and the brightest students. If you want to live the good life, a USC degree is a step in the right direction. Besides it's where all the hot people go to school!
The license plate on my Enzo Ferrai reads "THX2USC"
by ashers1313 April 27, 2006
University of Southern California: plenty of hot chicks, great beer and the wildest parties around
USC Trojans rock da hizzy
by God March 13, 2005
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