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A really costly school in the pits of LA. Really prestigious if based entirely on the fact that it costs a lot of money. Also, lots of beautiful and rich women with boobjobs.

Academically, a small joke. Class difficulty seems to be on par with the Community College level. When I audited some classes there, it appears my lower division classes at UCSC (Notice the extra "C") were more difficult than the upper divison classes there.

Anyways, the beer at the football games is too expensive and the cheerleaders are butterfaces. Also, when people do that pumping Trojan "V for Victory" salute... from a distance... looks oddly like a field of people giving a fascist salute. Coincidence? Maybe, just maybe...
Dude, the whole stadium's doing a "Heil Hitler"!!
by Epoch March 09, 2005
Wow. Needless to say, I think it's the only campus in North America where "History of Conciousness" is an accepted major. Also, if you go to UCSC, and haven't done First Rain at least once, you're just faking the funk. Also, the best college book ever, "Don't Tell the Parents" was written by the proctor of my old dorm, and is highly suggested reading to all interested in the campus.
UCSC: Where the forest animals are protected more than the students.
by Epoch July 06, 2005
Well, there _is_ a chain, but the original is unaffiliated with those and is located in the I.V. area of Santa Barbara. Open goddamned late, and it has a subway style point-at-your-topping, so it's perfect for people too drunk to walk anywhere, let alone order properly. Excellent nachos, and the Monster burrito is about as big as my forearm.

They need better salsas though. And always get extra cheese. They will heap that stuff on with no additional charge.
I'm sooooooo drunk... can anyone walk me to Freebirds?
by Epoch March 09, 2005
Quietly Laughing In My Cube.
15:50:45 @<epoch> "masturbate on every movie i see a girl with"?
15:50:53 @<epoch> transpose movie and girl?
15:51:00 @<epoch> WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON
15:51:06 @<irix|w> qlimc
by epoch March 31, 2005
Epoch means "totally rad". Derived from me being a completely awesome dude.
Epoch is so totally fucking awesome.
by Epoch December 11, 2003

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