(1) The University of Southern California (not to be confused with the University of South Carolina & the University of Southern Colorado.

(2)Truly one of top notch or GREATEST private universities in the world.
My family went to USC & are now very sucessful alumni.
by bigg3469 March 21, 2009
see ripoff

When it comes to colleges, being private usually means being better. This is not the case when it comes to USC, which has lower academic rankings in comparison to both UCLA and Cal. With USC, being private simply means that it costs more.

Some people call USC the "university of spoiled children." This is wrong. USC students are ripped off. In comparison, UCLA students pay a fraction of the price USC charges and they get to go to a school with better academic rankings with better faculty in a much better neighborhood. Who's spoiled again? UCLA students are.

I feel sorry for Trojans. I really do. I hope you can find a way to justify USC stealing all that money from you.
Unless you want to play football, go to UCLA. Don't fall victim to the ripoff machine at USC. It will just make you bitter and delusional.
by ARealSpoiledChild March 12, 2005
University of Skanks and Cranks
USC is in the ghetto!
by Tigeruppercut April 07, 2005
University of South Carolina.
The University of South Carolina is the real "USC"... Go Gamecocks!
by Flopsy November 12, 2004
USC (abbr.)

1. University of Stupid Cunts
2. University of Smelly Cocks
3. University of Sin City
4. University of Second Choice
I got rejected from a community college, but got into USC.
by Jackoff November 24, 2005
The University of South Carolina, everything Clemson isn't, better than Georgia, a Southerner's dream and a Northerner's wish, Florida's worst nightmare, Gamecock Pride, The Garnet and Black, Five Points, the ultimate college experience and a place that gets in your blood and stays with you forever.
I applied to the REAL USC The University of South Carolina.
by Kbennett December 09, 2005
Shops in the UK selling clothes mainly to scallies although they do have some other stuff which is almost respectable.
Shit mate, where did you get that lacoste shirt?
I got it down USC in the Arndale centre.
by The G June 14, 2004
University of South Central
USC is where the homeboys at (South Central, LA).
by USC August 16, 2006

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