(1) The University of Southern California (not to be confused with the University of South Carolina & the University of Southern Colorado.

(2)Truly one of top notch or GREATEST private universities in the world.
My family went to USC & are now very sucessful alumni.
by BruinKiller3469 March 21, 2009
University of Southern California

Private Institution as suppose to the Public institutions such as UCLA, which also includes the same system which runs our jails, garbage, and other useless crap that this state can't afford.

2003 USC Football National Champions

Cross-Town Dominance.
5 game winning streak against the UCLA Bruins, who fired Bob Toledo who had a 8-5 2002 season for Karl Dorrell for a 6-7 2003 season. Now I'm hearing chants of "Fire Dorrell" - Pathetic fans.

USC - Coach Pete Carroll
Since 2001, USC has defeated UCLA by a combined score of 126-43. 2 Pac-10 championships, 1 National Championship, 1 Heisman Winner. Think UCLA can top that in 3 years?

USC - 2 straight years, 4 game winning streak against the lackluster UCLA basketball team. Pretty sad seeing a UCLA basketball tradition go to waste.
USC is a great place of diversity. You see a plethora of HOT sorority girls, rich people and famous celebrities among the student body, and a school pride that strikes fear into the Bruins, who can't even get students to attend their basketball and football games because they are so lousy. USC is a school that is ranked in the top 30 in the nation, a school where students are getting their money's worth. You think a $4000 UCLA education can get you much? Take a $40,000 education, and you get the Trojan Network, better yet, 4 years of the best times of your life.

If only UCLA people can see past their own ignorance
by USC Trojans are #1 February 28, 2004
University of Science and Careers
USC is already ranked sixth, but ucla 17th.
by unique April 02, 2004
University of Spoiled Children

A place where super rich Beverly Hills blondes get with the wildest frat boys in the nation. If you're a girl you MUST be hot to be admitted, and most importantly, no fake blondes are allowed on campus. Almost every boy is a Business major, so if you're a USC girl you definitely has sex with tons of future CEOs. If you can go to USC you don't even need college because you family has more money than God. Also, we're better than UCLA.
I did not choose USC for the super attractive blondes.

- What every USC boy says.
by I'm definitely your dad July 05, 2015
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