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California State University. The second tier public university system which serves the upper 25% of graduating high school seniors in California. CSU has 23 campuses and over 409,000 students, making it the largest public school system in the country.

See UC
I was accepted to CSU Sacramento and San Diego State University.
by supaflyyoc March 27, 2005
Colorado State university, A university in Fort Collins colorado. It is a great school, with a usually sucky football team. Fort collins is a small town, with a huge white population. Not a university to be if you are looking for diversity
Colorado State University
by amraza November 03, 2004
Crime Scene Unit
C.S.U got bubkes !
by vp_d January 06, 2012
Acronym for "C Student University". Found all throughout California.
Jenny: So where are you going to college?

Lily: A CSU.

Jenny: That sucks! What happened?

Lily: It's the best thing a 2.012 high school GPA can get you.

Jenny: Damn, I guess you should've studied more. At least it's ranked higher than community college.
by Former Matador July 06, 2009
See Fort Collins.

A Colorado University where the women are scarce and the sheep are scared. Not to be confused with the University of Colorado at Boulder.
Gee, the sheep walk funny at CSU.
by Scott March 29, 2004
Cock Sucker University
Where people who are gay go to suck cock.
Me: Hey Tyler you should go to CSU.
Tyler: What's that?
by Big Whizzle January 07, 2009
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