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Units Per Hour
How much alcohol you consume in an hour, so kind of like a speed.
So 18 units over 3 hours = 6 UPH
She got totally wrecked last night, she was going at like 15 UPH!!
by Captain KP November 28, 2009
UPH is short for under the pants handy. Also known as, a handjob.
Guy 1: yo, did you hear about Joe at the party last night?

Guy 2: no, what happened?

Guy 1: He totally got a UPH from that slutty girl Sally while sitting on the front of everybody.

Guy 2: Damn, Joe is the man!
by classyladytimes March 23, 2012
Another word for anything
Yo, what the uph? Uph you mutha upha
by c-rabbit December 18, 2002

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