UN-friend, or abbreviated as just 'UN'. A friendship that must
officially end (but never really does) due to complications in the
workplace or conflicts with other relationships (i.e. marriages,
boyfriends / girlfriends, etc). Singular and plural usage of UN is the
"Now that we are UN it is so much easier for me at home. Where are we
headed for happy hour tonight?" (Or) "I used to think she was sleeping
with our boss, but then I realized they were UN."
by JakeLately February 02, 2009
somebody should just nuke them but probably won't
the un is un-believably gay
by ha ha ha burn November 29, 2005
An organisation that stands between George W. Bush and Armageddon.
The UN stood up to the twat Bush but he decided to slaughter the kids anyway.
by Finney July 03, 2003
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