What you would say after hearing or seeing something that is offensive or disgusting. Should be said in a higher octave than your usual speech. The intention for the use of this word is to "UN" do it!
Girl 1: "That girl is sportin some serious camel toe!"

Girl 2: "UN!"
by Mattie and India June 18, 2008
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the United Nations is both a haven for despots and the world-wide headquarters of anti-Americanism, and for all of those foreign readers, they are also Anti-white, so if you are of dark skin living in America they hate you and if you are white living anywhere in the world the UN hates you
just read anything about the UN
by Conceptsofvice October 30, 2004
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The organization that will fuck over the world when we have to fight a instellar war . Many people believe they are related to the black helicopter theory
UN fucked over every nation in the anime Evangelion even
by scannerfish January 01, 2005
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somebody should just nuke them but probably won't
the un is un-believably gay
by ha ha ha burn November 29, 2005
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An organisation that stands between George W. Bush and Armageddon.
The UN stood up to the twat Bush but he decided to slaughter the kids anyway.
by Finney July 03, 2003
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- unlikely to be true or to happen.

1. to be highly unlikely or doubtful.

2. to do something unlikely or doubtful.
1. "You are un."

2. "That is un."

3. "Sounds like the most un."
by Ruckman13 March 02, 2011
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When you can't be bothered saying "well done", just say 'un'
"I got you a beer knackers....."

by Vunty July 31, 2009
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