short-form for the word unreal. often used in situations with the bruthers, ruthers, ruthys, rabbis and absolute ros.
*miscellanious bros out for dinner*
bro1: "how bomb is this chicken menwell?"
bro2: "stupidly un men"
bro1: "unnnn"
by jeremier23 May 28, 2013

- unlikely to be true or to happen.

1. to be highly unlikely or doubtful.

2. to do something unlikely or doubtful.
1. "You are un."

2. "That is un."

3. "Sounds like the most un."
by Ruckman13 March 02, 2011
When you can't be bothered saying "well done", just say 'un'
"I got you a beer knackers....."

by Vunty July 31, 2009
United Niggas
I heard that the UN is having a meeting.
by iwilleatza2 March 08, 2015
Useless Nations: The 'real' meaning for the "United Nations" truly represents!

Also, any shit-hole country that thinks they're better than the US, but doesn't have the money, the smarts, or the balls to stand up and support themselves. Will openly bitch about how US foreign policy is ruining their country, but will still take Economic Aid and military support from America if offered, without thinking twice about it.
South Korea: Yankee Go Home! GI die!

US: Oh, no need for that...here's $24 billion a year in military spending so then North Korea and China won't tag-team your ass, and make you their Communist turd burglars. Now please, continue flooding our country with your poorly made products.
by Short Bus Mafia April 05, 2011
The organization that will fuck over the world when we have to fight a instellar war . Many people believe they are related to the black helicopter theory
UN fucked over every nation in the anime Evangelion even
by scannerfish January 01, 2005
the United Nations is both a haven for despots and the world-wide headquarters of anti-Americanism, and for all of those foreign readers, they are also Anti-white, so if you are of dark skin living in America they hate you and if you are white living anywhere in the world the UN hates you
just read anything about the UN
by Conceptsofvice October 30, 2004

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