To put oneself in the friend zone through (the lack of) 'rhetorical' skill.
How did the date go last night?

Oh man, we un-ed so hard. Stayed up until like 3 talking about former boyfriends and favorite tv shows.
by not-anon July 14, 2009
(n) A repulsive, disgusting, ugly repugnant woman or man. "Un" is the first syllable in unf**kable, unattractive, unbearable, uninteresting, ungrateful and unimportant, but since uns are not worthy of any discussion whatsoever, wasting more than one syllable when describing one is literally a waste of breath.

Uns can achieve "un-ness"by being fat, ugly or unclean, but usually a combination of all 3.

Un are considered by some to be "the third, useless gender" because of their total lack of any sexual attractiveness whatsoever makes them neither male or female.
Rosie O'Donnell can say people dislike her because she's a woman, or because she's a lesbian. But the real reason people dislike her is because she's un. If she looked like Jessica Alba, everyone would love her.
by silentnomoreusa.com November 21, 2010
-means username on a chat room and it can use for short term
Person 1:Hey,you like my u.n?
by Lolskie October 21, 2009
un: prefix: not:opposite of:contrary to:negates base word ;when used with united nations becomes Orwellian un-security force provides no security.A un embargo does not stop weapons or oil...ect. A U N cease fire does not stop the violence it's a uncease fire followed by un-resolve
The UN resolution did not resolve anything ,therefore it was a unresolution. The U N embargo of Iraq oil was unembargo a not embargo, saddam sold oil to anybody he wanted. A U N cease fire in Gaza is a uncease fire as well as a time to rearm.
by thurstonman January 16, 2009
Any positive term starting with the prefix un: describing a situation or thing that is viewed in a very positive light.
That girls tits are un.

That party last night was too un.
by SixOneTree March 29, 2010
What you would say after hearing or seeing something that is offensive or disgusting. Should be said in a higher octave than your usual speech. The intention for the use of this word is to "UN" do it!
Girl 1: "That girl is sportin some serious camel toe!"

Girl 2: "UN!"
by Mattie and India June 18, 2008
it means "I am politely acknowledging what you are saying", similar to OK, but it is not rude, it also has the meaning of "yeah", it should be pronounced "oon" as in "cartoon", this is a Japanese loan-word
I will go to school tomorrow
un! ---> in this case it means "I am politely acknowledging what you are saying"
will you come with me?
un! --> in this case it means "yeah"
by amigojapan2 May 14, 2015
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